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When parents separate, their children are almost always the priority – both on a practical and emotional level.


From a legal perspective, any decisions which require to be made must be done with their best interests at heart and, where possible, taking account of their views.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach so, what works well for one family may not work for another and, as children grow, circumstances change so there may be additional matters to consider in the years ahead.


Where possible, it is best to discuss matters with your spouse or partner from the outset, considering your children’s views in the process.


However, emotions can be fraught and fragile so, where that is not possible or appropriate, I can work with you and smooth the path for everyone concerned, reaching an amicable outcome which suits the whole family and, most importantly, your children.


Similarly, I can support you at any stage of the journey, whether you are at the early days of the separation proceedings, or several years down the line.


I also have experience of acting on behalf of children themselves, obtaining their views (where they have been of suitable age and maturity to do so) and relaying them to the court where their parents have been involved in court disputes relating to their care.


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I offer guidance on:

  • Where they will live, and with whom;
  • How often they will see the other parent;
  • Parental Rights and Responsibilities (including applying for these);
  • How much child maintenance should be paid;

  • Who will pay for additional items from school fees / uniforms to extra-curricular activities and mobile phones;
  • Consent to medical treatment;
  • Changing a child’s name;
  • Taking children abroad; and
  • Introducing children to new partners.

Additional Support

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Relationships Scotland:


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